Video content

A good video sometimes makes up for several articles

We all know that video content is one of the most popular content, especially on social media. Not surprisingly, videos convey the most information in the shortest amount of time through images, sound, narration, and even graphic effects, and beyond that, videos are more entertaining and engaging. Audiences are attracted to video content much faster and even help to viralize them, especially if they are produced with the right approach and meet the needs of the audience.

You also know that the needs of the audience, especially in social networks, fall into the categories of education, entertainment, problem solving, information and motivation. Also, the popularity and importance of video content has made it one of the tools for influencing sales growth and audience attraction, and it has topped the list of marketing tactics. Today, web marketing can no longer be imagined without video. Statistics show that audiences, especially on social networks, are more inclined to watch business videos.

In fact, videos are no longer just an entertainment, but a revolution in the way businesses interact with customers, because high video content traffic will ultimately bring your customers and audience closer to you. You can share your words with them. These features have led businesses to devote part of their advertising costs to the production of video content, which in some cases can be costly, but this is often due to more attention of consumers or producers of video content to Quality and technique.

In this regard, we should not forget the fact that the audience prefers authentic videos that have more useful content to invalid videos that do not have appropriate content, even if they are of lower quality. In fact, in the production of video content, paying attention to the theme is much more important than the quality of the images, and in cases where our subject requires special costs, we must act on it.

At Sharivan, in addition to producing a variety of video content, we also provide expert advice on how to decrease the production process costs as well as presenting methods of video content production in line with your business goals and marketing approach.

In the following, you will get acquainted with the types of videos used in content marketing. Different businesses need a number of these types of videos for their marketing campaigns, which should be selected based on the goals of the campaign or marketing approach, the type of product or service, and so on.

1. Explanatory videos (presentation)

This type of video content shows how your product or service works, or surfing an application or viewing the features of a physical product. In fact, in such documentaries, we explain the characteristics of our products and services, for example, we show the production process of a product with details and technical supervision, and we emphasize its special and competitive capabilities and features to the audience to learn more about our product or service. These types of videos are very effective in gaining the trust of customers.

2. Commercial videos

It is produced for the purpose of advertising and is usually part of an advertising campaign. In these videos, the unique features of a company's product and service or mission are considered in order to inform, and attract the audience. This type of video in Iran is more commonly known as a teaser or advertising video.
These videos will be effective when they are published and viral on various platforms and media. Commercial videos are usually short, emphasizing on a unique feature of a product or service, structured to be remembered by the audience, and the main purpose is to include a brand’s name in the customer's memory.

3. Videos of specialized talks

The words of experts in various fields or experts and key business managers are very effective in gaining the trust of the audience and customers. Interview with the best experts in your field and ask them to express important aspects and points about your field of activity. Do not worry if your audience rejects the specialized interviews or does not understand them, be sure they will welcome. Sometimes you need to invite experts, university professors and not the experts or specialized staff in your business.

4. Instructional videos

Here the emphasis is on teaching new things or providing basic knowledge for your audience and customers to better understand your business. Instructional videos can also be used by the sales team and after-sales service. In the business of providing services and products that are used in the production process of a product or service, educational videos seem to be very necessary. In these videos, you teach the items and how to use your product or service, and while making customers more familiar with your products, you provide them with a reliable and permanent source that they can refer to whenever they need it.

5. Descriptive video

Descriptive videos emphasize the needs that your product or service meets. In fact, in these videos, the protagonists and main characters are your customers and audiences who have a need or problem, all the coordinates of that need and feature are stated, and then it is emphasized that your product or service is what that problem needs to be fixed by.

6. Animation

Animation is very useful for expressing complex concepts in simple and clear language because of its special features. In many cases, expressing some features of products and services or providing statistics and information with abstract images are better and more effective. There are different types of animation. Motion graphics is a type of two-dimensional animation in which simple characters with small details and simple backgrounds are produced based on icons and diagrams. Motion graphics have a high expressive power and can be used to explain statistical descriptions, information and some features of products and services in a very understandable and accurate way.
3D animation is suitable and practical for showing details of projects, products, some services, and is very telling.
Stop Motion is the oldest animation production technique in the history of cinema, a very famous example of which is the Pat and Matt animation series. This technique is very useful for advertising animations, because it has attractive and powerful visual effects.
Other animation techniques include 2D manual animation (classic), 2D digital animation, Cut Out, Sandy, Flipbook and etc.
At Sharivan, as well as producing motion graphics, stop motion, 3D animations and other forms, we are ready to provide expert advice on the animations needed in your business and how to produce them.

7. Case study video

In the case study video content, the emphasis on the functional features of products and services from the language your specific and loyal customers speak. In fact, a number of your customers, who are completely satisfied with your product or service, after being invited by you, voluntarily and with satisfaction express the features of your product or service, emphasizing their applicability. In these videos, customers should be asked to explain their challenges and how your products or services have addressed them.

8. Live video content

One of the applications of the platforms that offer video services is live video. Most users of these platforms have probably used this feature for a while or have definitely seen other users' live videos. Live videos stream longer links and greatly increase user engagement and engagement rates. Live conversations and expert explanations about business products and services, live training videos, and so on, can play a practical role in marketing in case of being properly managed in execution and scheduling.

9. 360-degree video content

This video content is mostly used to display physical spaces. The video is structured in such a way that the audience controls it themselves, and in a spherical way, they will be able to rotate in the desired space, enlarge part of the image elements and enter the side spaces.

10. Creative video content

Unlimited video capabilities and features have always enabled creative production. Creative use of video is possible in all of the before mentioned fields. The feature of having a creative approach in videos in many cases enhances their visual appeal and views.

11. Combined videos

Sometimes it will be necessary to use techniques and features of several types of videos in producing a video content in order to provide the desired points with more details and explanations to the audience and customers. For example, combining an explanatory video with an animation, or a conversation or a description, and etc.
Selecting the type of videos, their duration, approach and content should be based on the marketing goals of short and long term businesses. At Sharivan, with the presence of experts and experienced staff, while providing expert advice, we assure you that with an accurate understanding of your business, we produce video contents that is in line with your goals.
Leave selecting the right approach to the videos and their type to us.