Textual content

Textual content refers to all the articles that are published in different ways and are read by people. Normally, the type of writing that each person reads is determined by needs, tastes, and interests. However, when it comes to content marketing and customer acquisition, textual content must have the characteristics needed to be read by the audience and attract them in line with the intended purpose.

In addition, given the performance of Google's search engine based on words, textual content should be written in line with its performance to make us available to searchers among five billion searches daily. Regarding the subject, textual content is produced and published more than any other type of content. The best textual content, according to the points mentioned, are catchy texts that attract the audience in less than 10 seconds, and are also written in line with the structure of Google search.

There are several types of textual content, some of which are listed below.

1. Caption (content of various social networks)

Features: Impressive, short, catchy, high-traffic, viral
Captions are mostly short and concise texts that are posted on social networks. Many of the features mentioned in the articles on the website, such as the attractiveness and also the possibility of being found in searches, also apply to captions, with the difference that in social networks, the search is based on hashtags and in writing captions, you have to choose the words and captions very carefully.

2. Advertising

Advertising textual content is produced to promote a product or service. This type of textual content is sometimes short and concise and even as much as a few words as a slogan, and sometimes long in the form of an article or story. In each type of advertising text, techniques and methods to achieve the goal of marketing or advertising are considered. In long texts, sometimes a product or service is indirectly advertised, for example, the audience reads an interesting story and indirectly becomes acquainted with the performance and features of a particular product.
At Sharivan, we produce textual content under the supervision of an editorial board, after drawing the main frameworks based on your objectives, target market, keywords, type of textual content and publishing platform, by professional and experienced authors.