Be rigout in election your content producer

In the first step, you need to know for what purpose you are producing and publishing the content. Maybe you want to market through content and be on top in the searches of the audience, or perhaps you have a popular site and social network and need promotional content to introduce your product or service, maybe you want to promote your brand with content. This is where you need to be very careful about choosing a content producer. You must be aware that none of the content is very effective by itself, and there is always a combination of them that will work best for you. You may be able to determine what path you should take based on your goals and what content you need, or you may need a team from the beginning to draw the path, select the type and amount of content, as well as producing and managing them, alongside you. Be sure whether you need limited and specific content or a long-term cooperation, Shariwan is ready to accompany you.

Our services

Textual content

Writing is the beginning of civilizations

The Google search engine does five billion searches a day. Even if you are looking for none-textual content such as video or photos, you should get help from the words, and good for the owner of the video who writes the exact words that you and millions of others have searched for in his content description. At Sharivan, we produce textual content under the auspices of the Editorial Board, after drawing the main frameworks based on your goals, target market, keywords, type of textual content and publishing platform, by professional and experienced authors.

1.Website or blog articles (produced or translated)

Features: Effective in SEO, effective in search, popular, attractive

2. Captions (content of various social networks)

Features: Impressive, short, catchy, high-traffic, viral

3. Promotional content

Features: Attractive, expressive, effective

4. News, email and newsletter

Features: targeting specific audience, effective, high analytics

5. E-books

Features: captivating, popular, targeting special audience

6. Polls and FAQs

Features: helping Strategy, contact identification, high analytics capability

Visual content

Appropriate visual content is more enduring in the minds of the audience

When it comes to delivering a message to your audience as quickly as possible and getting the most feedback, video content is the best option. In fact, images (photos, graphics, infographics, etc.) are not only decorative, but also one of the most useful content along with other content. With the help of the right visual content, the minds of the audience and customers can be involved and guided to viewing other contents. Shariwan video content production experts will be by your side, while providing professional advice based on your content strategy.


Features: Rational, effective, lasting, viral, cheap, attractive, popular

2. Graphics (social network layout, posters, logos, illustrations, quotes, etc.)

Features: Attractive, expressive, popular

3. Infographic

Features: Rational, powerful in message delivery, high traffic

4. Animated GIF images

Features: Attractive, short and clear, high-traffic, viral

5. Screenshots

tutorial with visual content

6. Slide Share Presentation

Video content

A good video sometimes makes up for several articles

We all know that video content is one of the most popular content, especially on social media. Not surprisingly, videos convey the most information in the shortest amount of time through images, sound, narration, and even graphic effects, and beyond that, videos are more entertaining and engaging. Audiences are attracted to video content much faster and even help to viralize them, especially if they are produced with the right approach and meet the needs of the audience. You must also know that the needs of the audience, especially in social networks, fall into the categories of education, entertainment, problem solving, information and motivation. Leave the choice of approach to the videos and their type to us.

1. Real videos (educational, interview, live, etc.)

Features: Rational, high-traffic, noteworthy, powerful in conveying messages

2. Promotional video, demo and product reviews

Features: Rational, popular, attractive, luxurious, more expensive than other content,

3. Motion graphics and stop motion videos

Features: Powerful in conveying concepts, attractive, popular, cheap compared to other visual content, powerful in teaching

Audio content

With audio content, you can experience a better lasting and better connection with your audience.

The tendency of many audiences, especially the younger generation, to audio content (podcasts, books and audio stories, educational audio content, etc.) as well as the increase of platforms and websites dedicated to audio content has caused this type of content to be considered by digital marketers and businesses and Encourage the use of this type of content or support its production (in the form of supporting the production of podcasts or audiobooks). Apart from these, you may need to dub educational videos or introduce foreign branded products depending on your business, or you may want to have a narration for the videos you have produced. For all these cases, we in Sharivan can offer various offers.

1. Podcast

Durable, influential, popular, favored by young generation, multiple publishing space

2. Narration and dubbing

Functional, attractive, durable

3. Audio articles

Durable, specialized, attractive

4. Audio books and stories

Popular, durable, considered by different types of people, multiple publishing space