Businesses are living things which to survive, they must meet the needs of a changing world with up-to-date products and ideas

01.Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME)

SMEs only implement half the full potential of social media to engage with their customers. Marketing, producing and managing content on the web and social media is an unavoidable priority for small enterprises. In this regard, the following items are crucial and we will draw a strategy in the production and content management process accordingly:

Content generation and management not only allows businesses to access the feedback faster, but also to receive and analyze feedback in the form of public comments, direct messages, criticism and encouragement.

  • Select the most appropriate social networks and create professional and appropriate user accounts.
  • Content dissemination is done with brand awareness at every stage of the business
  • For more personalization, we add CRM to the content generation.
  • The process of creating attractive brands based on better understanding of them in networks and social media is emphasized.
  • Using all appropriate and professional tools to produce content

We will be a reliable partner with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) by creating a multi-step process in content production and management.

02.We demonstrate how you can create a personal brand by producing and managing content.

Personal Branding

Creating personal branding with the help of producing and managing content is a powerful tool nowadays. We have effective ways to create a personal brand by producing and managing content. This process has significant results in interaction with the Sharivan team:

  • Create unique distinctive content
  • Creating a professional and fully dedicated identity
  • Creating valuable, educational, and specialty-related content

03. Businesses that have reached maturity and need a change.

When your business matures, the product or service you create will generate a steady profit. In some cases, this process may be a little slow. At this stage the last thing you need is your marketing efforts to be consistent. Therefore, content production and management is a powerful tool required at this stage. To keep your established business strong and healthy, change the way you produce and manage your content to make sure you evolve alongside your audience and competitors. Not changing your approach at this stage can mean losing even your most loyal customers. Here, when your business is mature, we can be a professional and reliable teammate for marketing your business strategically and preventing revenue loss in content production and management. Content marketing is the strategic creation and sharing of valuable and relevant content that usually does not directly promote a brand, but aims to stimulate interest in its offerings and ultimately lead to a profitable action by the consumer. "Content" refers to blog content, social media posts, movies, podcasts, e-books, infographics, webinars, and other content published to express what you think. Content is not separated from you, your product or your brand.

Marketing, production and content management are very effective in the following:

  • Increasing power
  • Promoting trust and being loved
  • Influencing the audience's mind
  • SEO improvement
  • Creating leads and conversions

today content marketing is becoming more significant in branding and sales as the effectiveness of advertising decreases and consumers' expectations of perceived value increase

Content production and content management is a long-term effort and Sharivan team is always with you in this way